There are many reasons for why you might need assistance repairing, replacing, or installing your water main in North NJ. The water main that goes to your house helps divert water from the city into your home, and is usually what is stopped when a plumber works in your home. There are two water mains to your home; one is a few inches inside your walls to the main pipes, the other is at the curb. Stopping the water with the main keeps water from coming in and making the situation more dangerous for the plumber. Turning the main off in the street is more expensive and more meticulous than using the one in the walls of a house. Because of the delicate nature of working with and around a water main, you want someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, and clever on the job. City Plumbers is more than capable of taking care of your water mains, from simply turning it off for routine maintenance, to completely replacing a broken one. Some reasons for it to be replaced would be if the valve was not opening or closing properly, if it was stuck open or shut, or if it was stuck half open. You would also need your valve replaced if there was routine maintenance and upgrading is being done in your house so your main can handle the new job.

Things can get hairy when it comes to your sewer drain. These drains need to go through a routine cleaning on a regular basis as they can get clogged very quickly. You can tell if your pipes are clogged or broken by listening to the sound of your sewage system. If pipes are gurgling or groaning, if you have a suspicious smell coming from your basement or your sewer tank, or if the smell is instead inside, a backed up, clogged, or broken sewer line is more than likely the culprit. If your pipes are old it is possible that they have cracked or broken entirely, and if you have trees in your backyard the roots could have invaded the pipes, making it nearly impossible for your sewage system to work correctly. This can be a health risk to your family and friends who visit – if you suspect that your pipes need to be cleaned, are broken, or are backed up, call City Plumbers immediately to see what we can do to help.

Our technicians are specially trained and qualified to help clean your sewer and water main systems back to smooth running.  We offer cleaning services to help clear out clogs or backed up sewer and water mains, and if that doesn’t work, we offer a service where we use a snake-camera  to see what the problem is. We are fast, efficient , and professional and have been working at taking care of problems such as these for the last 14 years! When you are looking for quality work, choose City Plumbers!

We are available throughout New Jersey including, Elizabeth, Garfield, Vernon and more. Call us now!

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