Most people don’t give a thought to their sewage or drain lines – they know that these pipes bring the water waste to the underground sewer lines, but beyond that don’t give it a second thought. This can be dangerous, and we’re here to tell you why. If your home or office is starting to back up, you’re going to need to pay close attention to how your pipes and water sounds, and you want to do this before more serious things start happening – like, for instance, raw sewage leaking out of a drain in the basement, which can cause serious damage to your home in North NJ. But you can catch the problem before it’s too late by looking out for particular sounds.

What Should You Look for?

Firstly, pay attention to what your pipes sound like and what the water in your house is doing. Your sewage and drainage pipes are built rather like a tree. There’s one large sewer line with a bunch of smaller lines coming off it depending on where they go, like roots of a tree. If you’re having a problem with your bathroom sink not draining, or if the sink drains, but then water comes out of the drain in your tub, you’re looking at a small problem with a secondary system of pipes. However, if anything you do that involves water in your house causes the pipes to sounds like they’re percolating) think a brewing pot of coffee) or if you get water around the drain in your basement, that’s a main sewer line problem and should be fixed immediately. City Plumbers is more than qualified to help you with these problems – call them today to set up an appointment or get an estimate!

Common Causes for Backup

Most people know the most common problems that can cause issues in a drain. Things such as hair clogs, soap and toothpaste scum building up, even sometimes mineral buildup due to the stagnant water can often lead to a problem with your pipes; but, in New Jersey, we have many old homes that have not been properly serviced in years. What this means for your pipes is that there is a huge possibility that they need to be completely redone – or at the very least, they are at the point where they need a good cleaning and continual maintenance in order to ensure that they are running properly. Another thing that can cause issues with your sewage and drainage systems is an unsuspecting culprit – trees. Trees that start small when a home is first built don’t seem like a problem, but over the years, these trees can unrelentingly press on the pipes until they are crushed or cause a leak. This can be a large problem with many older homes – but is also easily fixed.

What We Do

City Plumbers has a highly trained staff who is more than capable of handling all these problems. Whether it is a smaller pipe issue or a large sewer drain problem, we are on the job and working hard to give you the best services possible. Whether it’s a kitchen drain clogged with fat or other food and soap products, a toilet that is clogged from unmentionable sewage, the basement drain clogged with dirt and dust, or anything that could cause a problem with your sewer and drainage in your home, City Plumbers are prepared to take care of the job immediately. We will work hard to unclog your drain with a simple machine – if that doesn’t do the trick, we offer a camera service to inspect the drains and find out what needs to be fixed. Don’t hesitate! Call City Plumbers today and see what we can do to help you get your sewage and drainage systems up and running in no time! 

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