You are sitting at the table, and it is Thanksgiving. Your girlfriends (or boyfriends) has finally taken the big step and invited you to a big family outing signaling some serious interest in your future together.
The dinner went fantastic, and you can tell that you are really starting to hit it off with the family. Only one problem, after eating you had the urgent need to use the restroom. Which normally wouldn’t be a problem but by some cruel twist of fate the toilet gets clogged.

You do everything in your power to unclog it, but to no avail, it seems hopeless, and the toilet just won’t flush. Even tho you know it has only been minutes it feels like it has been hours and you know you have no other choice but to leave the restroom and confess your dire situation to the family.

The event soon turns even worse after you leave the restroom by the posturing of the male figures of the family who each take a turn trying to clear the toilets passage. Each of your significant others siblings and parents takes a turn trying to resolve the issue but no matter how many times they plunge and poke the toilet refuses to clear.
The conversation turns from ideas on how to fix the issue to finding competent professionals who are in the local area that could possibly be available. No matter how many plumbers they google none seem to be open.

Lucky for you just last spring your landlord had the toilets replaced and had used a City Plumber from Clifton New Jersey and your habit of keeping business cards in your wallet finally pays off with you now becoming the hero of the story who finds the plumber who is willing to do the emergency repair and clean the drain.